Markets & Industries Served

Universal serves a multitude of industries and markets; with heavy construction, engineering, land development real estate and building construction being our core markets. For over 20 years virtually hundreds of companies have selected Universal for our depth in qualified personnel, full-service capabilities and unwavering commitment while minimizing our clients’ risk in our related fields. As a company, we have experienced the learning curve, built upon our expertise to fit broader markets while drawing upon past experiences to consistently stay at the forefront technology equipping us to meet future challenges.

Universal offers the full spectrum of professional- technical services; from support engineering to quality assurance to environmental sampling to construction materials testing and inspection Universals’ team of experts and vast array of equipment can successfully execute services to our clients’ unique needs ranging from small to multi-billion dollar programs. Universal serves government, public and private clients in a multitude of market sectors, including but are not limited to:

Apartment and Housing Facilities Commercial Office Buildings, Hospital Facilities, High-Rise | Low-Rise, Healthcare Facilities, Hotels, Casinos and Resorts, Religious Facilities, Airport Terminals, Educational Facilities (K-12), College and Universities, Entertainment Facilities, Government Facilities, Retail Facilities, Sports Complexes, Theme Parks and Zoos.

Airport Runways, Bridges, Ports, Harbors and Canals, Roads and Highways, Tunnels.

Power & Energy
Fossil Fuel Power Plants, Hydroelectric, Nuclear Power Plants, Renewable Energy (Wind and Solar), Waste-to-Energy Facilities, Oil Spill | Catastrophe Response, Transmission and Distribution.

Cement and Aggregates, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Steel Fabrication.

Automotive Manufacturing, Train Manufacturing, Parts Manufacturing, Windows and Doors.

Oil & Gas
Pipelines, Oil Terminals, Offshore and On Land Platforms, Refineries.

Superfund Sites, Sewerage | Solid Waste, Water Supply Plants, Impacted Land, Emergency Sampling and Delineation.

Land Development
Feasibility Study Support, Geotechnical Services, Environmental Consulting.

Transmission Centers, and Trenching Projects.

Hangers, Part Checks/ NDT Testing, Quality Assurance Consulting, Specification Writing.

Sea & Shorelines
Dredging, Shoreline Development, Boardwalk Construction.