Larry A. Mercardante

President | COO

Mr. Larry A. Mercardante has over 22 years of experience in all phases of the construction materials testing, special inspection and geotechnical and environmental drilling industries. He has worked in all facets throughout his extensive career. As President and Principal Owner, his responsibilities include overseeing and managing the entire day-to-day operations and processes including: internal/ external efficiency and effectiveness.

Mr. Mercardante has launched many successful initiatives and has developed and cultivated Universal’s contract groups into one of the best on-call professional technical service firms in the region. He has taken the firm’s outstanding reputation and solid foundation – ‘vertical’, adding and investing in strategic service platforms with talented professionals driving that diversification. Mr. Mercardante’s philosophy is quite simply, yet highly effective: offer clients full-service solutions under one corporate umbrella and deliver those services in the utmost professional and quality driven manner, employ the best people - foster, cross-train and equip them with the best equipment, maintain a great work environment and continuously supporting their professional development and outwork the competition.

American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Welding Society (AWS), International Code Counsel (ICC), Northeast Transportation Training Certification Program (NTTCP), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), American Society of Quality Control (ASQC) American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), Concrete Industry Board (CIB), International Code Counsel (ICC), National Test Boring Association to mention a few.