Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling

Geotechnical and Environmental drilling, engineering and laboratory testing are vital services to the design and construction of a project. Subsurface soil, rock and ground water conditions identified, detected and classified play as important a role in a project as the architectural, civil and structural design above ground. This is especially true when construction is being considered on property which may be potentially contaminated. Properly performed geotechnical and environmental drilling services can result in improved foundation design and reduced construction costs. Universal’s responsibility is to provide our clients with accurate and representative information concerning subsurface recommendations for design and construction of many types of facilities or project- new and existing. Our services include subsurface explorations, geotechnical and environmental studies, analysis and preparation of reports for a broad array of projects. Universal’s Drilling Division maintains its own drilling fleet and support equipment, consisting of:

(2) Acker Soil Sentry’s Drill Rigs
(1) CME 55 Truck Mounted
(1) Mobile B57 Rubber Tire ATV
(1) Mobile B57 6X6 Truck
(2) Acker Tripods
(1) Geoprobe® 6600 Track
(1) Geoprobe® 5400 Truck
(10) Core Drilling Machines
(1) Boxed Trailer
(1) Skid Steer Loader
(1) Backhoe Excavator
Underground video camera system (capable of depths -600)
And a Battery of Augers, Core Barrels, Pumps and Support Equipment

    Subsurface explorations are conducted for commercial projects (offices, shops and warehouses), industrial and manufacturing plants, schools and universities, residential developments, roadways, railways, airports and bridge projects. Universal’s geotechnical and environmental Divisions work for Design Consulting Engineers and Architects (E/AoR), public and private owners as well as contractors. Universal’s Geotechnical/ Environment Drilling Services include but are not limited to:

    Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling
    Subsurface | Exploratory Investigations • Environmental Drilling & Sampling • SPT Sampling • Plum Delineation • Geotechnical Drilling • Foundation Test Borings • Geoprobe Services • Rock Coring • Monitoring well Installations • Instrumentation Installation • Water Sampling & Testing • Saw-Cutting • Drum & Container Management • Ground Treatment Injections • Utility Clearing • Test Pitting & Excavating Service • Underground Video Logging • Soil Grouting • Percolation Testing • Contaminated Soil Removal • Utility Trenching.

Core Drilling
Concrete Pavement, Walls, Floors and Ceilings • Asphalt Pavement • Runway Pavement Cores • Block and Masonry Wall • Bridge Decks • Tunnel Walls • Plumber and Electrical Openings • Hole Openings 1” to 24”.