Mobile Laboratories

Universals - Mobile Laboratories (ML) are self-sufficient units outfitted in box trucks, trailers or large vehicles depending on the scope of testing to be performed and on the project site conditions. We utilize our mobile labs for onsite testing of rapid strength setting concrete and asphalt paving operations related to our highways/ Interstates, airport/ runway construction and major building projects for ultra-effectiveness. Universal’s Mobile Laboratories are designed and outfitted for on-site testing to support virtually all construction materials testing that a project may require due to size/ magnitude or in a remote location. Additionally, Universal has the resources and capabilities to obtain National Accreditation for our Mobile Labs if a project should require it.

Our ML’s can be outfitted with the following equipment and accessories depending on the project:

    Calibrated compressive testing machine(s) • Fixtures for flexural strength testing and compressive strength testing • Calipers and micrometers for measuring specimens • Thermometers and multi-channel temperature recorders for monitoring temperature of in-place concrete and test specimens • Curing containers, thermal insulated containers for temperature matching curing of cylinders for compressive strength, thermal insulated cover boxes for temperature-matching curing of beams for flexural strength, etc. • Equipment for sampling concrete, fabricating test specimens and testing properties of fresh concrete • Portable/ onboard generators • Stationary mounted water tanks with pumps • Marshall compactors • Rice/ Bulk specific gravity testing equipment • Portable Gyrator compactors • Curing/storage devices for transferring specimens not tested in the field to stationary or portable laboratory facility • Splitters for preparation aggregates for further testing in field conditions • Portable mechanical sieves shakers • Ovens for drying aggregates • Washing devices • Scales