Special & Progress Inspections

NO ‘Buzzwords or Bandwagon’… just qualified, certified and over 21 years of experienced professionals performing flawlessly for our clients!

Universal has been providing special inspections and construction materials testing since our inception more than 20 years ago and our trusted name and outstanding track record has allowed us to evolve into one of the largest providers of these services in the New York Metropolitan area and beyond. Unlike engineering, architecture and other inspection type firms transforming themselves into a special inspection company due to code changes - thus having a potential of costly learning curves to the client as well as potential delays to the their projects; Universal’s ‘in-house’ full-service capabilities encompasses all required special and progress inspections as well as all required support testing. We are fully accredited in ALL (6) Construction Sequences with (39) scopes of Special Inspections.

In addition to our National Accreditations, locally Universal is a New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB) Approved Class 1 Special Inspection Agency (SIA). In addition to our SIA approval, we are also (NYCDOB) Approved Testing Laboratory and an Approved Structural Steel and Welding Inspection Agency- which minimizes the number of consultants retained on a project; in-turn saves our clients’ time and money while delivering ‘ultra’-efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

Our talented staff of nearly (85) Inspectors is comprised of: Professional Engineers, Registered Architects, Civil/ Mechanical/ Structural Engineers, ICC Certified Inspectors, Certified Technicians and NDT Techs. Our staffs’ broad range of skill, experience, qualifications and professionalism is second to none. We offer the following Special Inspections:

General Building Construction

    Wall Panel, Curtain Wall and Veneers • Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) • Chimneys • Flood Hazard Mitigation • Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings

Fire Protection Systems and Fire-Resistive Construction

    Spray Fire-Resistive Materials • Smoke Control Systems • Standpipe Systems • Sprinkler Systems • Firestop, Draftstop and Fireblock Systems • Emergency Power Systems

    Plumbing and Mechanical Systems

      Mechanical Systems • Fuel-oil Storage and Piping Systems • Site Storm Drainage Disposal and Detention Facilities • Heating Systems


    Progress Inspections

      Energy Code Compliance • Public Assembly Emergency Lighting • Electric & Power System Checks • Envelope Inspections • Preliminary & Final Inspections • Footing & Foundation • Final Work Through Inspection


    Structural Materials and Construction Operations

      High Pressure Steam Piping • High Pressure Gas Piping • Structural Steel Erection • High Strength Bolting • Structural Cold Formed Steel • Nondestructive Testing: UT | MT | PT | RT • Concrete- Cast-in-Place and Precast • Prestressed Concrete • Masonry Soils- Site Preparation • Fill Placement • In-Place Density • Soil Investigation • Pile Foundations • Drilled Pier Foundation • Pier Foundation • Underpinning • Structural Safety- Stability and Mechanical Demolition • Excavating- Sheeting, Shoring and Bracing • Seismic Isolation Systems


Total Management & Support Services

    NCR Logging, Tracking, Consulting, Mitigating and Close-outs • RFI Submittals, Management and Distribution • Contractor(s) Submittal Follow-ups and Review • Project Meetings for Updating, Projections, Report Review and Ensure ‘SI Services’ are on Track • Fast Report Distribution, Review, Interpretation • Comprehensive Inspection Reports with Daily Overview and Support Photos