Specialty Services

Universal specializes in specialty testing, inspection and verification services. Universal owns and operates a wide- array of testing, surveying, NDT tools, vehicles and special instrumentation equipment to perform specialty type services. These services are provided by trained and certified professionals with project experience second to none.  

Our specialty services include:

    Dye Penetrant • Magnetic Particle • Ultrasonic Testing • Phased Array Ultrasonic • Radiographic Testing of Welds • Ground Penetrating Radar • In-Place Concrete Soundness • Floor Flatness and Levelness • Pavement Smoothness and Ride Ability Profiling • In-Place Concrete Maturity Monitoring • Seismic and Vibration Monitoring • Pre/ Post Construction Evaluations Video Documenting • Concrete Maturity Monitoring • Pull-Testing (Anchors, Rebar, Bolts, Fasteners and Tile) • Rebar Locating • Underground Video Recording • Caisson/ Rock socket Video Recording • Pavement Profiling & Smoothness Survey • Steel Wall Thickness Evaluation • Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR Concrete Scanning • Tile Bond Strength Testing • Windsor Probes • Windsor Pin • Skidmore Testing .