Construction Materials Testing Services

Construction Materials Testing (CMT) services is one of the largest business units at Universal. We are fully equipped, professionally staffed and accredited to provide a comprehensive range of soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt, masonry, fireproofing and coatings- testing and inspection services in our accredited Labs, in the field or at the manufacturer facilities. Our considerable depth in qualified personnel enables Universal to provide our clients with the inspection support they need at any location, for any shift or as project needs arise. Our dispatch department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Universal’s testing facilities are Nationally Accredited and completely out-fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and are rigorously inspected by the National Bureau of Standards and the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Testing and Inspection procedures are performed in accordance with ASTM, ACI, AASHTO, local building codes, project specifications and other applicable standards. Universal is accredited to the highest standards- E329, C1077 and C1093. In addition to our AASHTO Accreditation, we are a Nationally Accredited Special Inspection Agency by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) which furthers our position as industry leaders.

Concrete & Masonry

    Development of QC Programs & Specifications •Q A Monitoring of QC • Comprehensive Concrete Field Inspections
    Failure Investigation • Placement Inspection • Mix Verifications • Materials Verification • Comprehensive Masonry Inspections
    Batch Plant Inspection • Truck Delivery Inspection • Core Drilling • Rebar Locating – Pacometer Method
    Slab Rebar Scanning- GPR Method • Crack Monitoring • Floor Flatness & Levelness • Accelerated Aging & Maturity Monitoring
    Nondestructive Testing- Windsor Probes | Pin • Flexural Strength Testing • Block/ Brick Testing • Moisture Testing of Slabs
    Rebar Inspections • Freeze Thaw Testing • Mobile Mixer Calibrations • Onsite Mobile Lab
    Petrographic Analysis • Prism Testing and Inspection • Infiltration Testing of Block.

Soils & Aggregates

    Subsurface Drilling & Test Borings • Environmental Drilling & Well Installations • Geotechnical Foundation Recommendations
    Compaction Testing • Backfill Supervision • Field Sampling & Verification • Truck Delivery Inspections (import | export)
    Density Testing • Gradations | Sieve Analysis • Stockpile Sampling • Environmental Field Screening • Visual Identification
    Geoprobe® Drilling & Sampling • Roller Pattern Development • Moisture Density Relationships • Mixed- In-place Design
    Soil Bearing Values | Capacity • Grade Inspection • Sub-Base Measurements • Dynamic Cone Pentrometer (DCP)
    In-Place Pentrometer | Bearing • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)


    Structural Steel & Piping

      Fabrication Shop Inspection (Internationally) • Welder Qualifications • Development of Written Procedures • Calibration of Impact Guns • High Strength Bolt Testing • Ultrasonic Testing of Welds • Thickness Measurements- UT Method • Visual Welding Inspection • Magnetic Particle • Coupon Cutting & Testing • Pipe Inspection • Steel Deck Inspection • Corrosion Testing
      Hardness Testing • Chemical Makeup • Pull Testing • Radiographic Testing & Inspections • Tensile & Bend Strength Testing
      Dye Penetrate • Steel Wall Thickness Measurements • Bolted Connection Inspection • Nondestructive Testing UT | MT | PT | RT



      Development of QC Plans • Comprehensive Mix-Design Development • Pavement Thickness Measurements • Core Drilling • Compaction Control and Density • Roller Management • Bulk Specific Gravity • Plant Inspection on both QC or QA Levels • Saw-Cutting • AC Burn-Offs & Gradations • SUPERPAVE Density Testing & Management • Pavement Profiling and Smoothness- Ride Ability • Roadway Condition Survey and Reporting


    Spray-Applied Fireproofing

      Thickness Testing & Verification • Pre Apply Inspection • Pull-Test • High Density Pull-Test • Adhesion | Cohesion Testing



    Mil Thickness Analysis • Application Inspection • Source Verification • Pre/ Post Inspection/ Testing

Nondestructive Examination & Specialty Services

    Dye Penetrant • Magnetic Particle • Ultrasonic Testing • Phased Array Ultrasonic • Radiographic Testing of Welds • Ground Penetrating Radar • In-Place Concrete Soundness • Floor Flatness and Levelness • Pavement Smoothness and Ride Ability Profiling • In-Place Concrete Maturity Monitoring