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Universal Testing + Inspection Services, Inc. (Universal) is a nationally accredited professional services firm with comprehensively broad experience in construction materials testing, special inspections, support engineering and geotechnical/environmental services and drilling. Since our inception, Universal has firmly established itself as an industry leader and has evolved into one of the largest full-service regional providers of professional and technical services with projects ranging from straightforward fit-outs to multi-billion dollar complex programs.

U•NI•VER•SAL adjective:

Knowledgeable About (or) Constituting All (or) Many Subjects; Comprehensively Broad, Adaptable to Many Sizes, Purposes, Conditions, Situations and Solutions


Years in business

Accreditation in
inspection & cmt categories


Project Spotlight

New NYPD 40th Precinct

  • Project Location:

    Bronx, New York

  • Owner:

    City of New York

  • Client:

    NYC Department of Design + Construction

  • Universal’s Professional Services:

    • Complete Special Inspections
    • Progress Inspection
    • Construction Materials Testing
    • Fabrication Shop Inspection

Nationally Accredited


Nationally Accredited
(E-329, C1077 & C1093)


Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL)


International Accreditation
Service (IAS)


National Accredited

Geographical Service Area

Universal is a New York Headquartered firm that provides services throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Through organic strategic growth and industry alliances, we are expanding our service coverage to include parts of Massachusetts, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland (DC area). Universal’s Fort Lauderdale- Miami Florida regional offices provide daily services throughout South Florida Region. Both offices support large scale project service which extend throughout the East Coast United States, Canada and Caribbean Region.

We also provide Quality Assurance, Peer Review and Third-Party QA/QC services which are extended globally.

We have service experience ranging from steel fabrication inspections in Quebec, Canada (to) major airport construction in Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean) (to) curtain wall steel assembly in China and everywhere in between.  Regardless of location, size or complexity, Universal has the versatility, depth and expertise with extensive experience to successfully serve your project on local, national and international levels.