Pavement Services

Universal offers complete pavement management and consulting as well as perform a variety of engineering support functions including pavement evaluation and design, geophysical surveys, subsurface utility mapping, inspection and testing.

We have extensive experience in pavement analysis and design as well as materials testing, inspection and the selection of appropriate pavement types and treatments for different pavement structures under various conditions. We provide an integrated team of professionals with deep expertise in all aspects of pavement management who partner with our clients to provide solutions to their specific needs. We have provided infrastructure services throughout the United States and the Caribbean Island Region.

  • Pavement 2
  • Pavement 1
  • Pavement 3
  • Pavement 4

  • Pavement Condition Reports
  • Pavement Evaluation Reports
  • Pavement Smoothness and Ride- Ability Survey
  • Pavement Management Systems
  • Elusion Mixed-In-Place
  • Recycling Pavement Materials
  • Pavement Materials Engineering
  • Comprehensive Mix-Designs
  • Onsite Laboratories (FAA / FHWA)
  • Superpave Laydown Inspection
  • Density & Compaction Management
  • Inspection and Testing Services
  • Core Drilling
  • Pavement Thickness & Composition Determination
  • Benkelman Beam Deflection Survey